Recreo VR


Promote Well-being

Immersive experiences can lead to reduced isolation and improved quality of life for those in care

Inspiration and Reminiscence

Enrich lives and broaden horizons through fun and engaging VR experiences with family and friends

Built for Care

Purposefully co-designed and tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the care sector

Why Recreo VR?

Our user-friendly application, paired with in-house 360 content, delivers bespoke and immersive experiences to improve the mental and social well-being of those you support.

We understand the requirements within care homes and organisations, and commit to delivering comprehensive support, training, and maintenance services.

Our goal is to facilitate a seamless integration of virtual reality into the daily practices of care facilities, ensuring a transformative and enriching experience for all involved.

Evidence Based Impacts

In a recent evaluation of our service, 101 people living with dementia across 12 care organisations were interested in trialling a new reminiscence activity. We found that:

97% engaged with our headsets
97% found our headsets comfortable
90% enjoyed their experience
86% would like to use VR again

VR Reminisc­ence Therapy backed by Alzheimer's Society

Together we're helping people with dementia reconnect their past through virtual reality. Find out more about our exciting new partnership with Alzheimer’s Society and other benefits of our VR Experiences via the link bellow.

“Recreo VR are supporting people to live well and have opportunities to engage in meaningful activities and intervention, allowing the person to retain their sense of self.” - Local Services Manager, Alzheimer's Society

Immersive 360 National Trust Tours

Recreo VR and the National Trust have formed a powerful partnership to capture the essence of National Trust properties through 360-degree recordings. By working together, we aim to bring the beauty and historical significance of these properties directly to individuals in care, providing them with immersive virtual experiences that promote connection, engagement, and a sense of wonder.

“We’re delighted to have been part of this project, when we showed the results to the staff team it’s fair to say there were tears in a few people’s eyes” - General Manager, Fountains Abbey

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Experience the transformative benefits of virtual reality in the care sector with Recreo VR. Contact us today to discover how our innovative solutions can enhance the lives of your clients and empower your caregivers to provide the highest standard of care. Together, let's unlock new dimensions of joy, connection, and well-being.